Broke Public School

A member of the Singleton Learning Community

Telephone02 6579 1040

About our school

Established in 1871 to service a rural community, Broke Public School now meets the needs of a village and surrounding residential farmlets. 

Broke Public School is a proud member of the Singleton Learning Community.

The school operates under the auspices of the School Council, with it's membership drawn from an active parents and citizens' association (P&C), the wider school community and members of the school staff.

The school's beliefs are based on a strong commitment to learning and to our students' welfare.

These beliefs provide a focus to all teaching learning programs and student welfare activities carried out. These beliefs are summarised in the words, today's children, tomorrow's world.

Broke Public School vision statement

To provide an inspiring learning environment where students, staff and the community feel valued, connected and supported as learners.

Our desire is to embrace a culture of pride, compassion and respect where the achievement of every individual is celebrated.